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- Lets not forget, warp core stabs on combat ships in a war = cool. Yeah.... ...2010.05.29 15:52:00
- Glad to see some strength is still left in the broken NRDS coalition. Good luck Grr & Epitoth Fleet ...2010.05.27 06:41:00
- Edited by: Isaac Starstriker on 22/04/2010 18:21:40 Way too long, didn't bother reading. Shadowand ...2010.04.22 18:19:00
- Also WTB opt-out of EVE-Gate.Just set everything on the privacy settings page to "No one"? What Seth ...2010.04.22 18:12:00
- Way too friggin long and I'm not going to read it. 0.5 systems AS IS are not that secure. Suicide ...2010.04.18 05:18:00
- Sadly I have to inform you that today's news is no news. We have made yet another plan and will pu ...2010.04.15 19:57:00
- Solution to "this breaks fight because of lag:"QUIT EFFIN BLOBBING.Solution to "I'm no longer safe!! ...2010.04.12 21:48:00
- Bumping this because this video made my day. Wow, more vids about this would be awesome. Thumbs up ...2010.03.31 01:14:00
- The hate and anger from CVA directed at LFA disturbing. Has CVA lost itself so much that al ...2010.03.29 07:02:00
- Edited by: Isaac Starstriker on 26/03/2010 15:47:36 First!!Haha! My first post ever on a Devblog p ...2010.03.26 15:47:00
- Declaring I support this blog and that its really cool. And because Ancy told me to or he'd pod me ...2010.03.25 16:47:00
- Edited by: Isaac Starstriker on 22/03/2010 16:40:53 While I appreciate the blog, I don't see why we ...2010.03.22 16:38:00
- Thanks for making me feel inadequate with my Dual-Monitor-play-Two-Eve's-At-Once. That pwns my setu ...2010.03.17 03:20:00
- Edited by: Isaac Starstriker on 16/03/2010 18:31:10 There's nothing in there.Joe keeps all the mone ...2010.03.16 18:29:00
- I'll admit, I chuckled. Good read. And yet so terribly accurate in its own ways. ...2010.03.13 17:49:00

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