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- During GNW y didnt had a problem with that ;)2004 called and would like to remind you that you guy ...2007.12.30 06:05:00
- strategic geniuses with mystical abilities, or dare we say even a modicum of long-term strategic i ...2007.12.27 02:38:00
- Please post constructively, Mitnal ...2007.12.26 06:43:00
- I woud party hard this 2007 as 2008 will be known as the year bob dies.Other people are going to cel ...2007.12.24 15:18:00
- Merry Christmas n stuff ...2007.12.23 23:20:00
- WB Jade. Been too long. ...2007.12.21 05:33:00
- Edited by: ProphetGuru on 21/12/2007 05:19:57 wb Digi.Interesting concept. ...2007.12.21 05:16:00
- Just changing Jita, how you get to it, or the caps within won't fix the problem. The playerbase has ...2007.12.17 06:43:00
- BoB can make major shows of force (augmented with border-line exploits) in one theater or other at ...2007.12.15 06:34:00
- I'd love to hear the developers thoughts on the role of titans/mommas.I for one feel that their role ...2007.11.08 20:02:00
- May wanna edit that topic dude Oh and free bump i guess. ...2007.07.27 22:16:00
- Interesting, although your first post was a little better.You raise many points, but a great many o ...2007.07.26 17:14:00
- 8 pages on such an obvious answer.Bob wants to keep ****ing with you.... ...2007.05.15 03:22:00
- Why should no ship be able to operate without support. Why shouldn't a 60b isk ship have some damn ...2007.05.14 22:45:00
- GG on caving in ccp.Really, please, just rethink the whole titan concept. Most of the ideas here wi ...2007.05.14 17:51:00

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