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- I still believe that the best option is as follows:1) Jump clone to another station, 24 hour cooldow ...2011.09.07 06:45:00
- Edited by: Phlyk on 04/08/2011 07:52:01 Add A Logistics Frigate.Whats this, a use for all those sma ...2011.08.04 07:52:00
- I will gladly accept any unwanted Aurum. ...2011.07.27 17:05:00
- Supported. The controls used to make sense, be reliable and seem intuitive.Now they do not. Fix (unf ...2011.07.25 07:10:00
- There are a number of alien species mentioned, 'Slaver Hounds' is one mentioned in particular. So th ...2011.07.22 06:35:00
- I've recently come back to EVE, haven't done much more than change skills since WiS came out, and al ...2011.07.20 22:22:00
- This change for more frequent clone jumping could be limited to jumps to current station. Basically ...2011.04.23 21:55:00
- Confirming that with the right fleet Override Transfer Arrays are easy to farm. ...2011.04.22 07:49:00
- Bump. Still taking offers for the implants and BPCs, feel free to suggest a price. ...2011.04.03 10:12:00
- you also failed to mention that Black Prophecy is basically Counter Strike in space. ...2011.04.01 22:27:00
- Pretty much this: LUL ...2011.04.01 12:05:00
- Back to the first page.I'm currently off in the pocket incursion, destroying the sansha menace, as I ...2011.04.01 09:33:00
- The above items and LP are still for sale. I am happy to consider offers for the KMB-88 hardwiring. ...2011.03.31 15:55:00
- The Mul-Zatah monastary is uncomfortable mostly because of the stasis towers. Nothing stops you from ...2011.03.30 22:36:00
- Edited by: Phlyk on 31/03/2011 16:23:07 Edited by: Phlyk on 30/03/2011 22:32:21 Hello EVE players, ...2011.03.30 22:32:00

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