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- I will receive the ISK. ...2008.04.16 17:29:00
- Confirmation that I will receive the ISK. ...2008.03.06 14:35:00
- I have commented on one aspect of the dev blog and the new tech 2 ships in a seperate post. ...2007.10.26 16:19:00
- According to the dev blog, these are the developer corporations of the new tech 2 ships:Electronic A ...2007.10.26 16:15:00
- As for the idea of xenophobic racists not accepting outsiders into their ranks that is simply your t ...2007.10.21 13:28:00
- Edited by: Roxelana on 20/10/2007 04:17:28 The only roleplayers in eve are people who for whatever ...2007.10.20 04:11:00

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