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- Thanks guys, Roguehalo and RAW23, for offering to buy these ships, saving time for VV and making me ...2011.03.21 18:18:00
- 2) Contract assets of 10M (ten millions) or above in value to: Vahrokh’s Emergencies Relief Trust ...2011.03.20 09:20:00
- Very interesting. Bookmarked for further reading. ...2011.02.08 09:01:00
- Machete is a goon alt?Perhaps ironically, this makes me more interested in investing.I saw that stra ...2011.01.04 00:28:00
- My gut feeling tells me this guy's rep is worth more than 20B and I'm in for 500M.I don't recommend ...2011.01.03 23:45:00
- Who is dumping robotics at this scale? I bought a couple at 55444.44 yesterday. They were sold by ...2010.12.22 10:26:00
- Here is a list of all T2 items containing Robotics: ...2010.12.21 18:32:00
- Corporation window, Home Tab, Details Tab, Divisions button at the bottom. ...2010.12.19 15:16:00
- Please provide more details...An advanced command center holds easily 12 extractors, four P1 and two ...2010.12.15 17:30:00
- + Robotics is used in Drone, Missile launchers, Turrets and many other BPOs + Robotics is used fo ...2010.12.14 23:21:00
- I don't know how you got your numbers, but my extractors and processors do not work one after the ...2010.12.14 21:27:00
- Okay I thought they depleted. So output is lowered based on the amount of CC's on the planet or the ...2010.12.14 21:11:00
- SCHNITZEEEEEEEEEEEL, that's a really annoying name...Now what was the question again? ...2010.12.05 19:34:00
- Edited by: Barbicane on 05/12/2010 15:11:05TL;DR: Even at 100k per unit, making Robotics in high sec ...2010.12.05 15:09:00
- Yes I have seen this error too. Happens if the macro is stopped before completion at any point an ...2010.12.03 18:19:00

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