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- i can go with cosmetics but nothing more than this ...2010.10.09 10:25:00
- Actually what is written so far by the pvpers is nothing of value. Even pvpers cannot propose a solu ...2010.10.03 18:51:00
- Go ahead and remove local. But it still doesn't add risk to the AFK CLOAKER. Remove local and chan ...2010.10.03 18:39:00
- i dont see what the big deal is... even a rifter can kill a stealth bomberPlease come to my system f ...2010.10.03 18:33:00
- Alara u do a lot of noice without saying anything at all. u better be cloaked and afk :P ...2010.10.03 16:02:00
- Edited by: Dietrich III on 02/10/2010 02:22:46Man I hope that SB has a covert cyno and some black op ...2010.10.02 09:05:00
- Cloaking my snipe ruining your minning OP! I thought u didnt fly a sniper LOL http://www.eveonline ...2010.09.30 00:24:00
- If the SB pilot is AFK, how is he supposed to stop you from mining?you cant say when he is afk or no ...2010.09.29 23:22:00
- Edited by: Professor Tarantula on 29/09/2010 23:04:43 What's funny is they probably think you use m ...2010.09.29 23:07:00
- I know this is going to be confusing..but here goesStealth bombers are PVP ships rite? They want to ...2010.09.29 23:03:00
- Area and supply denial is the one of the original purposes of submarine warfare. Yeah sure. but sub ...2010.09.29 22:59:00
- So the enemy sends one military unit into a farming system to scare away the peasants so they can no ...2010.09.29 22:51:00
- You asked for a better proposal, so here is one:Quit the game - I don't need your stuff so give it t ...2010.09.29 22:45:00
- Edited by: kasiloth on 03/10/2010 18:57:42 First of all i appologize to u for my English but if i s ...2010.09.29 22:13:00
- Last chance ...2010.08.14 22:48:00

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