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- Looking for a few good pilots for fun and adventure building a new corp,pvp exp a plus, miners welco ...2008.02.23 09:31:00
- Edited by: Pollux DarkStarr on 18/12/2007 15:21:17 well according to my clock it should have been b ...2007.12.18 15:20:00
- lol, anyways im off for a nap hopefully the server will be up soon. everyone enjoy ur tea and cake s ...2007.11.06 18:20:00
- actually i really wasnt whining i was just wondering u know being a newb and all, besides i have sev ...2007.11.06 18:17:00
- thanx guys for the reassurance, just u know a bit edgy on this being a novice and all ...2007.11.06 17:59:00
- that may be so but i still would like to be able to have it when the erver comes back ok. ...2007.11.06 17:57:00
- i hope just because my account is trial they will still take care of me i was in a 0.6 sec space try ...2007.11.06 17:54:00

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