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- SirDreadLord, Microtransactions are the death of EVE, at least for me.Here is what I think about p ...2011.07.01 22:38:00
- Is there a fleet or chat that those of us wanting to gank away our sec status can join? Quitting an ...2011.07.01 21:40:00
- CCP may be right. It may be an insignificant % of people that post, and an insignificant number of ...2011.07.01 20:15:00
- I am in favor of P2W also. It is going to save me about $600 a year as I've unsubbed all of my acco ...2011.06.30 22:42:00
- We have added several new and expereined players in the last few days. It is a great time to join u ...2011.06.13 17:16:00
- Codgers is a training corp. ...2011.06.13 17:11:00
- Codgers is a PVP training cor ...2011.06.13 17:09:00
- Join a corp that does high sec mining ops. Orca boosts + orca to haul your ore for you = win-win!If ...2011.06.10 22:24:00
- If you are 30 years old, or older, check out Jolly Codgers. ...2011.06.09 23:14:00
- Our high sec operations are near Villore in Essence region. There are several good L4 security agen ...2011.06.09 22:05:00
- Check out the Jolly Codgers. ...2011.06.09 21:51:00
- Bump. Looking for new members. ...2011.06.09 21:21:00
- If you guys are over 30 years old... then you may want to consider the Jolly Codgers.http://www.eveo ...2011.06.09 21:18:00
- Jolly Codgers now has direct access to upgraded 0.0 systems with stations. If you are over 30 years ...2011.05.23 23:42:00
- If you are over 30, consider Jolly Codgers.This post is a bit old, and we now have easier access to ...2011.05.23 23:40:00

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