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- I am honestly not sure how stupid someone has to be to compare the price of a virtual good to a real ...2011.06.24 21:19:00
- Steps to joining Reikoku:1.) Get a Fur Suit 2.) If you are still interested in number 2 after readi ...2010.06.21 16:08:00
- Not shockingly this is the gooniest dev blog ever. ...2010.06.18 22:28:00
- I am pretty shocked that bugs would happen on the test server. I mean, who would've ever thought? ...2010.06.18 17:49:00
- Are there actually any alliance FCs around here that can give a clue to this thread?Does it actually ...2010.06.18 04:49:00
- Dear players,On the current Singularity build right clicking a ship does not work. We are aware of t ...2010.06.18 04:36:00
- Their simply is no reason why you would ever want less people than you could have at any given momen ...2010.06.17 15:10:00
- Edited by: An Anarchyyt on 17/06/2010 15:02:20 Their simply is no reason why you would ever want le ...2010.06.17 15:01:00
- The differences between Hockey and Soccer are really not that large. How someone can like one and sa ...2010.06.16 17:22:00
- Fun fact: GMs don't handle the test server. ...2010.06.15 04:00:00
- Given the difference in penalties here, I, the official Goonswarm representative, demand a retroacti ...2010.06.15 03:54:00
- -this threadSorry, it just lacks direction, development, and over all wasn't very well thought out o ...2010.06.10 18:01:00
- Pretty much everything in this thread is wrong. ...2010.06.10 17:46:00
- My feedback on this thread:Boring after reading the first line. Most posts aren't worth reading. ...2010.06.08 18:48:00
- Edited by: An Anarchyyt on 08/06/2010 16:55:37 Rage!!!!!!ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ...2010.06.08 16:54:00

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