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- News from the front.We weren't able to stop the Sansha. Without capital support, there's no way cou ...2011.01.18 23:00:00
- As long as you can use the T2 cloaks (cloaking 3) and have Covops at 4, you move faster. ...2009.01.01 18:16:00
- I remember you guys, kicked you around highsec in a war this time last year... Good times, good tim ...2008.12.26 00:00:00
- I just watched a video of a NPC storing a Nyx inside of a Caldari station. Why can't we do this? ...2008.05.18 01:44:00
- My Tempest: Aunt Flow ...2008.05.13 03:09:00
- The third L5 corp for Minmatar is the Brutor Tribe ...2008.05.11 01:24:00
- Edited by: Usaretama on 02/04/2008 16:26:30 The 15% agility on the nozzle joints means you'll turn ...2008.04.02 16:21:00

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