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- I joined Evo-Tech 4 weeks to the day today!Great bunch of people. Have absolutely no issues with an ...2006.05.18 03:19:00
- Totally in with this thread...Hats off to the Devs, and in my opinion, that's not done often enough. ...2005.12.16 04:34:00
- are we talking about our character pics? if so, I remeber when Exodus came out, my character got ha ...2005.11.29 03:49:00
- looking for any and all ...2005.10.26 14:41:00
- WOW, that thread hijack wasn't subtle... ...2005.10.25 17:21:00
- any and all...price depends on the drug, quantity, and distance to travel... please eve-mail me in ...2005.10.25 14:44:00
- What do 'you' do when u get them from a mission drop? ...2005.10.25 05:15:00
- Your wait is almost near an end fellow north americans. I'm in Eastern Canada and I got mine thismo ...2005.10.18 14:58:00
- it's my understanding that covert ops would allow you to do so... eve-mail me in 2 weeks, I'm train ...2005.10.08 23:20:00
- sounds like u've done a bit of the work on this comp yourself. One really simple thing that could b ...2005.10.08 21:57:00
- train up covert ops... ...2005.10.08 19:21:00
- darnit ...2005.10.08 04:14:00
- Edited by: Jolal on 08/10/2005 00:32:45 I think safety is the issue for carebares (obviousely) if t ...2005.10.08 00:32:00
- Note: long read ahead... Coles Notes Version: don't make empire less attractive, make 0.0 even mo ...2005.10.07 23:14:00

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