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- " CCP Charlie Posted - 2009.09.19 23:47:00 - Report Sorry I need to get some sleep at some po ...2009.09.20 09:12:00
- Have the matches from yesterday been uploaded somewhere? Can't seem to find them anywhere and didn't ...2009.09.20 08:34:00
- What he did sucks but some of the posts in this thread are right.Pandemic Legion is about the only a ...2009.09.08 07:54:00
- Edited by: Subchasm on 30/08/2009 15:11:43 Edited by: Mashie Saldana on 30/08/2009 14:59:26 1. Tur ...2009.08.31 10:03:00
- Honestly why wait til October.Honestly with the effort they've put into Dust we could have had WiS b ...2009.08.19 07:09:00
- 1) Blasters. They are near useless at the moment.2) Titans. They are simply bad gameplay. The primar ...2009.04.17 13:19:00
- It was a fun ride. I were there almost all the way and I loved it all. Fighting m0o, M3G4 and numero ...2009.04.16 06:45:00
- This is the one failing in EVE I think. Most other games leave you sitting there for x amount of ti ...2009.04.05 15:52:00
- Try a low sec/0.0 wormhole (dangerous/very dangerous wormhole) instead of just a high sec one. There ...2009.03.13 14:31:00
- Falcons also work ok, but you have to use range. At 200km I was able to permajam frigs and cruiser ...2009.03.12 08:59:00
- Sleepers do go for drones, but only sometimes. I used an ishtar to do the first wave of a garrison ( ...2009.03.11 14:32:00
- Is it just me or has the map been turned upside down and without being able to turn it "right side u ...2009.03.09 19:10:00
- If you by change is is unlucky and don't have extra scanner/probes fitted on you and the wm colaps. ...2009.03.08 00:08:00
- Trolling? On my forums??It's more likely then you think. (had to be done) ...2009.03.04 21:57:00
- No drone bay/bandwidth bonus in any of the modules? ...2009.03.04 18:20:00

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