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- i need a gasmask to breathe. It is not a vanity item or a tinket. ...2011.01.19 22:36:00
- not only do minnie pilots lose the aviator, we also got robbed of our gasmasks. meh. ...2011.01.19 15:56:00
- Any word on the gas masks? We need them just as bad as hoodies... ...2011.01.04 09:38:00
- I don't suppose we Minmatar get to keep our face masks?I do hope so! ...2010.12.20 11:14:00
- Post is meh, your name is gold though. ...2009.10.19 15:54:00
- this of course only works if there isnt also a space navy of the planet X.ohwell.Ofc it works even ...2009.10.06 11:30:00
- Edited by: Suneai on 05/10/2009 15:32:24 Simple, if President Foiritan wanted the space navy he wou ...2009.10.05 17:47:00
- it should actually be held in Amsterdam; easy to access, two minutes from my home on bike, lots of h ...2009.09.28 11:02:00
- ah cool. that makes things clear. thanks! ...2009.09.22 13:05:00
- For the most part right, just one thing to add: Rockets are absolutely horrendous, never fit them. ...2009.09.22 12:57:00
- Hey now, just because one Caldari is confused as to his orientation doesn't mean you have to lump my ...2009.09.15 21:02:00
- signed! ...2009.09.15 08:40:00

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