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- I have a complaint about the changes to the manufacturing window. I use various BPOs and BPCs with v ...2011.05.28 12:18:00
- Keep in mind that many of the T2 crystals are unprofitable to manufacture from BPOs let alone invent ...2011.01.14 23:37:00
- The problem is of course, that people like me can't be bothered doing invention while it's so much o ...2010.10.30 01:03:00
- With all this complexity, and randomness, how in the world can you project profit? It is most diff ...2010.10.24 00:40:00
- For a 3-4 billion investment, Orca can yield up to 100mil per build. I will take time to recover you ...2010.09.13 10:08:00
- There is always a non-zero chanceIt's about as close to zero as you can get. There's a higher chance ...2010.09.13 10:06:00
- 18 months after they insisted they'd be fixed, they decided to place some undervalued NPC buy orders ...2010.09.13 10:04:00
- It's already fair for all. No, it is not, or else would we not have these threads.It's as fair as i ...2010.08.22 16:36:00
- The only thing that ever was wrong with T2 BPOs was introducing them into the game in the first plac ...2010.07.31 08:02:00
- Let's have a look at T2 BPOs and invention:Invention Involves recurring costs to acquire BPCs. BPC ...2010.07.31 07:57:00
- So I know you can transport blueprints while they are in a lab and you unachor it and reanchor at a ...2010.07.15 14:09:00
- Edited by: Lord Fitz on 15/07/2010 14:05:58 You can never get more that 100% refine rate. Unless yo ...2010.07.15 14:04:00
- Yes you can, but be aware that the amount you can build at once is limited by the arrays capacity fo ...2010.07.15 13:58:00
- Edited by: Lord Fitz on 07/07/2010 13:58:53 Accepted. ...2010.07.07 13:53:00
- secondly he'd have to maintain multiple shell corps. Not necessarily, he could split them by hangar ...2010.07.06 11:12:00

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