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- People like to do one-stop shopping, and will "go to Jita" for everything unless doing so is compara ...2011.08.06 06:25:00
- They should change null sec. But they should incorporate the buffs and the nerfs at the same time. N ...2011.05.11 01:51:00
- Edited by: Mobius Fierce on 10/05/2011 15:25:35 Edited by: Mobius Fierce on 10/05/2011 15:24:06 I ...2011.05.10 15:21:00
- I've heard of alliances with mandatory ops but those aren't worth joining and are probably at the br ...2011.05.10 15:17:00
- For the eve gate calendar, display a count down timer when you hover over an event to make it easier ...2011.05.10 15:01:00
- CCP has been selling ISK since the game began. The only difference is you used to have to pay for a ...2011.05.10 00:24:00
- Honestly you will have trouble with larger corps/alliances that live in 0.0 and so on where things c ...2011.05.10 00:00:00
- You can complete the arc in a frigate if you group up. There will usually be players in local chat i ...2011.05.09 22:29:00
- /char/KillLog - Limited. /char/Research - Full. ...2011.01.21 01:23:00
- You need to pay your Intergalactic Longshore and Warehouse Union workers. ...2010.12.16 21:35:00
- World of Warcraft is the best MMO I've ever played. But I also burned out on it (scheduled raids wer ...2010.12.06 20:25:00
- I'm playing it. It's fun in the way that any new game is. I'll have a better formed opinion in a mon ...2010.12.06 19:27:00
- Quite frankly I don't want to be worse off than someone else because I can't afford to switch my poo ...2010.12.02 22:55:00
- Edited by: Mobius Fierce on 02/12/2010 22:07:21 Do 'vets' (lol) have a legitimate complaint? Yes.If ...2010.12.02 22:07:00
- Edited by: Mobius Fierce on 17/04/2010 07:23:10 Get enough non-learning skills to have fun before c ...2010.04.17 07:19:00

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