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- Something I threw together on EFT that might be a little better than your phoon. Tanks more, does a ...2010.05.11 23:39:00
- Ok... where to begin.If you have a RR "helper" there's no need to go dual rep on your "DPS Phoon". ...2010.05.11 23:33:00
- As far as I remember, you can have two characters training on one account if you have purchased a ch ...2010.05.10 22:14:00
- The blackbird is kinda fun to PVP with in a small gang. But get use to being shot at first. ...2010.04.26 22:44:00
- So I'm a budget kinda guy but I need some info on what implants I should be using with my torp golem ...2010.04.26 20:07:00
- Taku Nunn in a thanatos in FFA 3: BC and below.2010.04.24 04:05:00Victim: Tidanis Corp: Capital Co ...2010.04.24 04:08:00
- Yeah I like the idea but you need to open it up to everyone (department wise) and even potentially d ...2010.02.28 08:15:00
- If by "every planet" you guys mean: every planet except in WH's than this patch won't affect me inco ...2010.02.22 19:53:00
- Well we have proof of one proteus being stolen. The proof is in our chat logs via a ship request th ...2010.02.21 06:47:00
- Edited by: Jethro Hawkins on 21/02/2010 02:22:23 Edited by: Jethro Hawkins on 21/02/2010 02:18:04 ...2010.02.21 01:59:00
- You know what has one gun and is completely free to acquire? They even give you one trit too boot! ...2010.02.16 07:30:00
- Sweet jesus do this please. ...2010.02.03 16:31:00
- This isn't so much misspelled but spelled differently:In Eve, and the EU I guess it's: DefenceIn the ...2010.01.28 19:33:00
- Edited by: Jethro Hawkins on 27/01/2010 19:37:24 Hey, come check us out. We are >180 members at ti ...2010.01.27 19:36:00
- Hey guys, i've been talking to a former member of SMX that you might know. I just joined your publi ...2010.01.27 07:04:00

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