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- yeah I apologize for the inaccurate info on US tech. SOME of the recovered documents from the german ...2005.08.18 21:32:00
- erm... they don't... there are more story's of people with respectable jobs etc. (militairy, police ...2005.08.15 17:23:00
- If you guys feel like talking about this stuff some more feel free to hit me up in-game. I love talk ...2005.08.15 16:16:00
- the americans stole the stealth bomber plans from the germans after WW2, and modified it 50years lat ...2005.08.15 16:13:00
- Edited by: xpero on 15/08/2005 16:32:32 I am a believer that we have had visitations from other par ...2005.08.15 16:09:00
- I have no objections for the re-schedule, although have no idea what my schedule will be like next ...2005.08.05 14:50:00
- sounds great! Really, trip from north bay to t.o. is not going to be peaches, but I will try to be t ...2005.07.29 23:03:00
- hehe Xelina, thats awesome! (: ...2005.07.03 00:08:00
- hehe paintball is wicked fun (: wish I could be there ...2005.07.02 23:34:00
- I, personally, love mine. Wouldn't change it for many names ...2005.05.16 15:04:00
- yeah, like a 3d animation, but only at the logon screen. I wish the utility allowed making animated ...2005.05.16 03:59:00
- hey all, I was just setting up my desktop to look more eve-like so to speak and, well, I came upon t ...2005.05.16 02:42:00
- you know that sounds phat, republik club is likely my kind of joint, since I dont feel confortable a ...2005.05.06 00:41:00
- Canadians, yeah! Im from MUSKOKA, Town of HUNTSVILLE Its a small community, but yeah, im still co ...2005.05.04 21:45:00
- See ya!Don't let the door hit you in the *ss. As for eve, its simply the best. Unique is what makes ...2004.10.19 01:07:00

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