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- looks nothing like a tree ...2011.09.02 16:02:00
- wicked vid tabs,,, it shows how much you enjoy this game!!! ...2011.08.30 21:10:00
- Some fun stuff man, only critiques have been said really.Terrific fight with the dual-rep tempest, p ...2011.08.20 01:39:00
- Some decent engagements there, although it appears you don't know about resist holes and have recent ...2011.08.16 20:17:00
- Nice fights you seem to getting but really bad heat managment, REALLY BAD ammo choice, hi i am t2 ga ...2011.08.16 18:50:00
- A few fun fightsbig shout out to all the people I fly with and thanks for putting up with me.xyoutub ...2011.08.16 17:55:00
- awesome stuff man,,,some epic brawls,,, I been flying a drake recently (nano), bloody good fun (only ...2011.08.08 17:35:00
- thanks guys,, i'll try make some more (will be stealing a Kovorix tempest fit if you dont mind) and ...2011.08.01 11:39:00
- Edited by: EddieRio on 12/08/2011 10:21:44 I like it when the red water comes outYoutubeWMV - 190mb ...2011.07.30 15:59:00
- WWWhhhhhAAAAaaaa,,, Good luck with the new alliance lads. Always fun in hemin...Speed up your clips ...2011.06.07 16:09:00
- when killing a noob in a brutix and he asked you to stop in local your response was 'im lagged out' ...2011.05.23 14:14:00
- When ******s such as NightmareX and Gustav Manfredd (possibly a very cunning troll?) along with all ...2011.05.23 12:50:00
- join this corp,, they are great ...2011.05.12 20:19:00
- very good..drake Vs test was fun... ...2011.05.08 17:37:00
- some nice fights, bits i really liked,, i did find it disjointed the way it kept breaking off to bla ...2011.05.04 22:20:00

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