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- Apologies,Away on business....I support DeckardIRL purely on the weight of him having once FC'd a fl ...2011.06.01 19:03:00
- I might have 100m SP and 100 lvl5 skills, but at least Wetchaser1 understood the point of the post.. ...2011.05.21 10:34:00
- Have to say most of the responses are from Children that their mommies give them everything they wan ...2011.05.21 00:51:00
- Edited by: DeckardIRL on 21/05/2011 00:27:46 As a Vet, I roll with the development of the game...Ad ...2011.05.21 00:26:00
- "+" & "-" buttons for when purchasing items on the market, instead of having to use to keyboard to t ...2011.02.10 21:03:00
- So much in this thread...OP crying about profitable piracy in high-sec... what about the freighter g ...2010.10.17 22:33:00
- Get yourself in channel... Irish Deck out! ...2010.09.26 23:57:00
- Get yourself in channel... Irish Deck out! ...2010.09.26 23:54:00
- Stop crying.... your are lucky that you only have to train the Tier 1 skills to level 4 before you t ...2010.09.02 20:17:00
- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Clearly things are quiet in The Social Club.... ...2010.09.02 20:14:00
- Please do you own thread... damn squid 2 month old... We know you find these things difficult, but p ...2010.09.02 19:54:00
- Since Jita is getting all of the Luuvv,How about giving us Gallente just a little with the re-instat ...2010.09.02 19:40:00
- Did the battleship challenge with Curzon Trash. Was so drunk I locked and killed the referee and go ...2010.08.15 02:38:00
- Minigin has clearly run out of topics to talk sh*te about....Deck ...2010.08.09 01:11:00
- Your Troll is Sharp.... lolololDeck ...2010.08.08 23:54:00

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