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- I live in w-space and I record all the sigs i can out in my home hole.I have learned alot about sig ...2011.07.27 20:21:00
- Hate to break it to you bud but sleepers are supposed to be the hardest pve encounter that you can f ...2011.07.24 20:26:00
- Just saying that instawarp pods are kinda hard to catch. I dont care who you are if you get podded i ...2011.07.11 21:09:00
- Last I checked rats were spawning in safespots. These rats are tiny frigs that are easy to kill by a ...2011.06.11 01:35:00
- No not until supercarriers are changed.Imagine a super carrier repairing its fighter bombers while t ...2011.04.27 02:03:00
- No jump bridges should Never be used in WHs.The closest I can think that should be usable is to "for ...2011.04.27 01:47:00
- This seemed a bit like a bad idea at first but then I thought about it. Honestly I want this becaus ...2011.04.27 01:23:00
- I like this idea. But maybe supercarriers should lose All ability to field regular drones. Once they ...2011.04.27 01:11:00
- Supported. POSs need lots of love. ...2011.04.26 20:41:00
- And you shouldnt have to pay taxes on PI in a wh...But no one is going to get either of those so not ...2011.04.26 20:26:00
- Supportedafk autopiloting should not be rewarded.Also My carrier aligns and warps faster than my fre ...2011.04.24 22:47:00
- Like you said, You have 50 Moons. If all 50 moons are making profit over the running costs of a PO ...2011.04.24 05:11:00
- supported. ...2011.04.17 03:14:00
- Maybe just require standings with the local factions for reps. IE The Caldari like me so they try an ...2011.04.17 03:12:00
- I have a counter proposal. Just make the system scanning array a usable POS mod like a gun. Make it ...2011.04.17 02:53:00

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