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- It must be true then. ...2011.08.23 22:44:00
- As long as the widgets aren't as bland as Aura...then you'll be good! Loving the app on both my Nex ...2011.07.19 04:35:00
- Very nice intellec questions. I too would like to know your main, to see this pure pvp character. ...2011.05.12 17:42:00
- \o/ Change the face of nullsec! Change it all!!! ...2011.05.10 18:05:00
- Supported. Tired of broken features. CCP needs a new QA team as well. ...2011.04.10 02:40:00
- Supported for graphical change only. Warp mechanic change is a waste of time. CCP has much more im ...2011.04.03 10:21:00
- Do all the changes that showed up in the Unity Expansion Troll except supercap hp increase. ...2011.03.27 22:44:00
- corporation bookmarks plz? ;oVery nice changes :) ...2011.03.15 17:40:00
- Supported. Really need a fix for this quite unbalanced issue. It's really annoying trying to scramb ...2011.03.08 05:13:00
- +1 POSs currently SUCK. ...2011.02.28 18:43:00
- Hear the cries of the masses CCP! ...2011.02.28 18:40:00
- CCP, hear our cries! ...2011.02.28 18:33:00
- That is sexy! Also, Aura needs a floaty hologram head like in the Chronicle :D! Give us some cool T ...2011.02.17 18:14:00
- /signedThis doesn't look like negative feedback to me CCP. ...2011.02.15 14:16:00
- You make a good point. To even it out bubbles should be allowed in lowsec and hisec. ...2011.02.12 06:40:00

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