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- To my knowledge they haven't said weather the rig sizes will be ship specific (say like ABs and MWDs ...2009.07.03 00:54:00
- With the introduction of sized rigs in Apoc 1.5 the price for the current rigs (which will be large) ...2009.07.02 23:06:00
- Well as I have stated previously, come 24th and it is petition time. I can not get the fact that my ...2009.06.22 21:24:00
- I have been plagued by this problem since QR and since the last Apoc patch the game was simply unpla ...2009.06.21 00:07:00
- A bit of good news. My socket closures seem to have decreased from ~5 an hour starting around March ...2009.06.20 23:59:00
- CCP once stated that the starting sum of 10k isk is more then some people could ever amass in a life ...2009.06.20 22:50:00
- I'd rather not pay a monthly fee for my ship tyvm. I doubt you would either.I think many would agree ...2009.06.20 05:16:00
- you are wrong. if you can make 100 mill an hour ratting, " several mill" is nothing. Waht would be ...2009.06.20 02:50:00
- Ships operated by capsuleers need no crews!Looking at you I think we may be related. But then again ...2009.06.20 02:45:00
- Edited by: Major Deviant on 20/06/2009 02:33:02 Edited by: Major Deviant on 20/06/2009 02:25:39 Ed ...2009.06.20 02:21:00
- Edited by: Major Deviant on 18/06/2009 22:33:24 Ok, it seems people have start receiving the metal ...2009.06.18 22:33:00
- Edited by: Major Deviant on 15/06/2009 21:37:56 Active Militia memebers? Members above a certain ra ...2009.06.15 21:36:00
- All skills do except guide missile precision and of course the specific missile skills (cruise, heav ...2009.05.30 23:51:00
- Kind of relative to the subject, and I always meant to ask this so I will fire away:What about tradi ...2009.05.29 08:16:00
- No you are not the only one and if you look around you will see a couple of more similar threads inc ...2009.05.29 05:35:00

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