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- Edited by: Silen Boon on 16/06/2011 09:47:49 Iíve developed an application to help organise my plan ...2011.06.16 09:18:00
- I generally support making asteroid mining less static.There are a few improvements to you idea I wo ...2011.04.14 14:16:00
- The impression I got from the fanfest video was that this is exactly what they are going to do.From ...2011.04.14 07:55:00
- Doesn't CCP want the world to see Eve Online and it's fans in glorious HD?I'll be in the cheap seats ...2011.03.10 18:00:00
- First, don't limit yourself! There are an absolute ton of corps out there that cater to the casual E ...2011.03.10 11:17:00
- I was impressed with your appearance on Lost In Eve. You sound level headed and I belive you would b ...2011.03.09 16:15:00
- Edited by: Shoopa Whoopa on 28/02/2011 16:36:48 You keep arguing there is a difference.NAME IT.If t ...2011.02.28 17:51:00
- The effect on passive and active tanks is subtle but important and not necessarily bad. I'm not sure ...2011.02.28 16:30:00
- I like the concept of this idea, which why I'm supporting it. I'm not sure on the balancing issues, ...2011.02.28 15:15:00
- Did you wake up, fall and hit your head?Let me help you out bro:If disruptors were removed there w ...2011.02.22 20:16:00
- A similar topic was posted on the Features forum a few months ago, and the comments where equally un ...2011.02.22 10:22:00
- I hope CCP continue to tweak the Incursions system. I'm a bit wary about making things easier, over ...2011.01.28 12:33:00
- If you search this forum, you'll see it's been an issue for the last 2 builds at least.Thanks, I hav ...2011.01.10 14:20:00
- I'm been experiencing problems graphical assets not being displayed or are corrupted. The problem ha ...2011.01.10 12:35:00
- I do like the way the new PI works, however all of my current PI networks are no longer feasible. Th ...2010.12.27 20:34:00

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