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- Don't know about you, guys, but when I woke up, I nearly had a heart attack.I thought I lost my ship ...2011.09.03 09:46:00
- Edited by: Amda Tori on 01/09/2011 14:42:05 Edited by: Amda Tori on 01/09/2011 14:33:58 The "optim ...2011.09.01 14:32:00
- From the top of my head:Spaceship Command IV Gallente Frigate I Gallente Frigate II Gallente Frig ...2011.08.23 06:37:00
- Hm...Machariel and Machariel or Machariel and Nightmare or Nightmare and Nightmare Both with ...2011.08.17 16:06:00
- Damage Control II Imperial Navy Heat Sink Imperial Navy Heat Sink Imperial Navy Heat Sink Republ ...2011.08.09 08:40:00
- The madness isn't that they neut...its that the ones in gurista don't jam ;)What did you say about j ...2011.08.01 13:26:00
- Edited by: Amda Tori on 01/08/2011 10:35:34 He is so fat, he almost got man boobs. Is he wearing a ...2011.08.01 10:34:00
- Dual Web Loki > Warfare Links Sleipnir >>>> Cynabal.Without webs, few Fleet Commanders will take you ...2011.07.14 15:13:00
- its a fair point but some of the rooms are HUGE and having a mwd stops you going And a sensor booste ...2011.07.13 11:06:00
- You don't need a MWD for incursions or sensor booster. But you do need a Stasis Webifier. Especially ...2011.07.13 10:45:00
- Edited by: Amda Tori on 10/07/2011 15:13:14I'd love to sympathize with the problem, but it's just ne ...2011.07.10 15:13:00
- Incursions Forum on eve in game boards :) wouldnt be a great one ? ...2011.07.09 23:22:00
- Edited by: Amda Tori on 08/07/2011 22:00:26 you will hear but it's understandable.SuperTwinkey69 v ...2011.07.08 21:58:00
- One beast in 2 picture and 1 Photoshopped. =DThe Maelstrom 1st orig : ...2011.07.08 11:50:00
- I've found the problem. It occurs when the Log was open and when both damages were shown. Every ti ...2011.07.08 08:35:00

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