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- Edited by: Dr BattleSmith on 23/04/2011 01:54:17 Its going to be required because its beta testing ...2011.04.23 01:53:00
- Adding to what EVE is today? You mean the long list of unpolished concept beta demos and unfulfiled ...2011.04.23 01:49:00
- Uh, sure. Shall we assume your parents foot the bill for the lights, refrigerator, washing machin ...2011.04.22 03:31:00
- Doc, seriously, you can't afford the nickels worth of electricity to run your graphics card at a sli ...2011.04.22 03:19:00
- There's a lot more forum whiners than there used to be.Other than that, basically the same Nah the l ...2011.04.22 03:16:00
- s are correct (mostly). I think if you compare the aerial combat that will be in DUST to the "stand ...2011.04.22 03:13:00
- lol truth ...2011.04.22 01:46:00
- One thing that rarely gets added to this debate is power consumption.With our power cost doubling (a ...2011.04.22 01:37:00
- Edited by: Dr BattleSmith on 22/04/2011 01:33:42 FW missions are perfectly balanced.WHEN FW PLEX SP ...2011.04.22 01:32:00
- "This is atmospheric flight" clap-clap-clap-clap, during DUST fanfest introduction 2 years back.Plan ...2011.04.22 00:50:00
- CCP.Not the same company or quality you remember. ...2011.04.22 00:41:00
- Notepad.exe is the most stable app in MSFT's SourceDepot repository because it never changes. Fact ...2011.04.22 00:39:00
- They've been told this from the start but are sure to ignore it.Marketing trumps playerbase.They nee ...2011.04.22 00:36:00
- Or maybe you should get an OS that that has a modern version of DirectX? I've seen it run on many a ...2011.04.22 00:34:00
- I especially like that once you do manage to get the welcome screen to render, the settings screen l ...2011.04.21 06:39:00

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