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- Edited by: Crumplecorn on 01/12/2010 10:26:38 You tell meI am impressed that you remembered to remo ...2010.12.01 11:38:00
- Ok seriously, its going to make no difference that is discernible to your attributes, and you are ge ...2010.12.01 11:03:00
- You need an edge over new players? After a four year head start?I am disappoint ...2010.12.01 10:13:00
- In jest:The last patch-dayServed from a dirty plastic jug into a broken pint glass (lots of content) ...2010.08.03 15:17:00
- <-- Bus driver, at work, on forums and in eve.Work that one out :) Forums is easy, maybe with iPhon ...2010.05.19 18:16:00
- <-- Bus driver, at work, on forums and in eve.Work that one out :) ...2010.05.19 13:49:00
- There is a character sitting on a gate 24/7 in a falcon. Ok, that's pretty normal. They lock me e ...2010.04.06 21:50:00
- Hmm, empire versus 0.0, would be fun but don't assume for a a second it means empire going into 0.0 ...2010.03.06 18:38:00
- players are not doing anything different from the last patch to this so whats changed hmmm It has ...2010.01.25 13:49:00
- Could someone please explain what this 'problem' is with high sec mission runners? I see them all th ...2009.12.08 01:27:00
- free bump ...2009.07.16 02:47:00
- Confirming that I fly punishers.But I am not the Darth you are looking for. Move along. ...2009.03.02 06:54:00
- Edited by: Darth Satanicus on 01/03/2009 02:59:05And to the guy talking about the renters - we don't ...2009.03.01 02:57:00
- derailed thread is derailed o7 Not really, they obviously want people in tenerifis so its prolly for ...2009.02.28 23:45:00
- Edited by: An Anarchyyt on 28/02/2009 23:20:28 I don't know if anyone else is aware, but Goonswarm ...2009.02.28 23:36:00

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