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- Edited by: Xiyn on 30/05/2011 05:12:57 OMG I'm watching it a second time. God i hope there is anot ...2011.05.30 05:12:00
- Honestly, SP is fine. i actually prefer it to XP based games. Having trained some really long skil ...2011.05.23 07:19:00
- /SignedI spent a total of 9 hours trying to login today and only got about 45 min on TS time before ...2009.10.10 07:43:00
- FEED DAH HAMSTERS!!! ...2009.10.09 19:06:00
- I don't reply on the forums often (if at all) but i felt like i should here.When you see people talk ...2009.04.20 05:41:00
- ya, id rather have a better card than but beggers cant be choosers im not very computer savy so im ...2008.03.31 02:32:00
- i think this is the wright place for this question so here i go. atm im using a GateWay GT5226 Stoc ...2008.03.31 01:54:00

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