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- Use the search function next time.Better effects are being created and will be patched soon(tm). ...2008.01.08 04:46:00
- People have been asking for this since time began.CCP haven't given it too us. Ergo they must feel t ...2008.01.05 01:41:00
- To the OP: Loser with a capital L.No really i mean it ...2008.01.03 09:51:00
- What are you the Q&A Police? Or are you just looking out for the safety and health of my finger tips ...2008.01.01 06:21:00
- You got podded by a smartbomb, next time warp in time instead of gazing at the bright light.Your POS ...2008.01.01 06:19:00
- Mindstar Right and just on the notes still with capital ships: motherships and titans seemed to be ...2007.12.29 04:21:00
- It would be a lot more helpful if you'd bug report this issue instead of bumping threads. However, w ...2007.12.27 02:26:00
- Posting in a 15 minute Epic Thread. After 15 minutes --> Epic Lame Thread. ...2007.12.26 02:52:00
- NPC's are already immune to EWAR They are? I ECMed a belt rat just a few days ago. I'm positive it ...2007.12.25 19:28:00
- Still no response from CCP devs?They are busy redoing the Gallente ships.P.S: Take a look at the Wyv ...2007.12.24 03:59:00
- IBTL!!! +1 ...2007.12.24 03:58:00
- Don't play on a 56k.Your sig is from Oveur. ...2007.12.24 03:57:00
- BoB alt? MC alt? KIA alt?DUM DUM DUM!!!!!!! ...2007.12.22 03:49:00
- No.To contribute to this thread, no. ...2007.12.21 03:53:00
- Last time i remembered seeing capital ships in high space = bad.You want the burden of a capital shi ...2007.12.21 03:50:00

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