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- Using rl money to buy EVE skills, which are actually the most valuable currency in game, though not ...2010.01.25 05:07:00
- I'd rather see skillbooks removed completely than place them under market control by some flavor-of- ...2010.01.09 08:00:00
- Simple fix: make it flag the carrier ...2010.01.07 19:34:00
- Withen a week you'd find that everywhere you go you are passing ships painted with genitalia Painte ...2010.01.01 09:12:00
- Or, in order to counter spies, have cloaked ships visible only to fleet and squad commanders. That ...2009.12.31 10:32:00
- I can't say trit would be really worth splitting, someone stealing 25 cubes of it (or any other ore ...2009.12.21 15:40:00
- Just some idea I had: a HIGH slot module to lift stuff from someone elses cargoholds. -It would hav ...2009.12.21 12:42:00
- Edited by: AsheraII on 21/12/2009 01:56:42 ...2009.12.21 01:56:00
- having a bigger/global market would ruin that and flat out everything to jita prices. ^ that ...2009.12.17 11:57:00
- I had a half-baked idea for this a couple years back. My idea was that each race would be allowed to ...2009.12.07 19:47:00
- Intelligent reason.... hmmm are you trying to say that changing price on market all day long is the ...2009.12.01 14:21:00
- Yet what you and sadly too many others fail to comprehend, is that IF there is as much as a problem ...2009.11.25 21:50:00
- Edit: Additionally there are no CCP posts in that link, and as I've said, I haven't seen any evidenc ...2009.11.25 21:14:00
- YES there should be killrights when they salvage your wrecks in high-sec. But that's not enough in m ...2009.11.19 15:44:00
- The combination of torpedoes with stealth bombers was the whole idea of the changes done to stealthb ...2009.11.12 06:34:00

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