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- I see nothing wrong with the small guns/1600mm trick, mallers and ruptures can do it aswell.. ...2004.10.04 14:33:00
- Note to mods - this isn't a flame or rant, and i'm not naming any names. its a genuine idea, so don' ...2004.10.03 16:03:00
- I think CCP made a mistake by making a thorax the fastest cruiser in the game. Sure it benefits them ...2004.10.03 14:43:00
- Pay me 5 mil and you get the full member list, all their offices and headquarters, info on where the ...2004.10.03 14:07:00
- The best looking Indy is Jones.*swoons* ...2004.10.03 01:13:00
- Do you people orbit with MWD on or something?I've never ran into any major cap problems, even though ...2004.10.02 23:28:00
- Great. Would be even greater if you actually told us how to switch to port 7000, I set 7000 as my d ...2004.10.02 20:54:00
- I like the fact that it looks like an omen. People rarely do a 'show info' on others in the heat of ...2004.10.02 20:42:00
- Will Smith and that other, shorter and slightly weirder looking black guy turn up and start rapping. ...2004.10.02 20:27:00
- I used to play curveball at work all the time, about a year ago. I suck at it now but back then when ...2004.10.02 19:16:00
- Has anyone seen it yet? I just came back from the cinema and its one of those movies thats so good, ...2004.10.02 19:12:00
- what will become of their kind once Shiva hits?CCP are vague about the jet-can mining exploit, to sa ...2004.10.01 21:04:00
- Its fine as it is.Its not like its a huge infringement on you, your ship and your cargo.Besides why ...2004.10.01 20:56:00
- I'm a girl IRL, but my main is a guy to stop people from drooling all over me. I hate it how people ...2004.10.01 20:46:00

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