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- For internal drives, I only buy WD and have never had a problem with them.For external drives, howev ...2011.02.17 08:00:00
- Edited by: Haydee Onna on 20/01/2011 02:03:51 Brep 6/10 blinded by your hair. I like his; he look ...2011.01.20 02:03:00
- Edited by: Haydee Onna on 20/01/2011 01:42:01 before and afterCouldn't make her the same, but I lik ...2011.01.20 01:20:00
- Edited by: Haydee Onna on 09/01/2011 20:18:38 It's hard to get excited about this stuff anymore. I ...2011.01.09 20:17:00
- Hmm, not so much cloaking device as adaptive camouflage, it seems. Wake me up when they make a tank ...2011.01.09 20:03:00
- One or two packs, both seasonings if two, unbroken, add a few dashes of ground pepper, boil on low f ...2011.01.09 19:55:00
- Haven't seen much new stuff recently, but I guess I'll throw my two cents in...*Cowboy Bebop (needs ...2010.12.14 01:15:00
- While this is pretty cool in its theoretical implications, (being the first hard evidence that life ...2010.12.03 01:44:00
- Edited by: Haydee Onna on 06/11/2010 16:17:28 Edited by: Haydee Onna on 06/11/2010 16:04:48 A fair ...2010.11.06 15:54:00
- Edited by: Haydee Onna on 23/10/2010 06:10:56 Just ran into the most annoying bug so far: the rep f ...2010.10.23 06:07:00
- Urg, just lost at least an hour from the quicksave not working. Other than that though, seems great ...2010.10.20 06:14:00
- Confirming that five is not enough, but at the moment:Top Five Classic/"Best" Movies (in no particul ...2010.09.16 03:34:00
- Edited by: Haydee Onna on 15/09/2010 04:06:43 Does regulation exist because people are ignorant or ...2010.09.15 03:56:00
- Very cool and (given the subject) intuitively presented. Way back after watching the Sagan 4th dimen ...2010.08.12 07:29:00
- Just saying... ...2010.07.25 22:18:00

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