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- What is this? Who are you guys? I don't even... ...2011.08.13 03:54:00
- Um...don't know what the guy above me is trying to say, but I won't be insulting other than to say h ...2011.07.25 05:38:00
- Oh no, did Ushra'Khan really let these guys in? Going to have to have a talk with their leaders abou ...2011.07.24 18:59:00
- seems we still could use some USA TZ idiots to keep our rate of failure going. I mean, you ...2011.07.24 18:56:00
- man...a few of our alliance went to the London meet, and it sounded fun (and there were no fights ha ...2011.07.24 18:43:00
- There is something horribly wrong with the SEC system, considering people with -10 can get into high ...2011.07.24 18:30:00
- I started as pure Amarr. Some of the most important skills will be Energy Mgmt and Energy Sys Op as ...2011.07.23 19:56:00
- Edited by: KrustyKrab on 23/07/2011 19:36:21 for me, if a skill gives 5% per level or more, it is a ...2011.07.23 19:36:00
- Some guys are really good at getting deep into highsec while being -10. I made the mistake on one of ...2011.07.23 19:24:00
- Train some skills until you can use T2 guns, T2 tank mods (shield or armor, up to you, but I recomme ...2011.07.23 19:16:00
- it really depends on the situation/gang you are running with. Shield harby = awesome gank ability, b ...2011.07.06 20:41:00
- x ...2011.07.05 18:21:00
- I read a very good, very long article from Vanity Fair about Iceland, their 'men', and how they thin ...2011.07.02 18:34:00
- Edited by: KrustyKrab on 02/07/2011 17:09:44 Well...I'm ok with this. CCP will be on 'probation' wi ...2011.07.02 17:05:00
- put 10,000 monkeys in a room and eventually they'll come to an agreement with CCP. They'll probably ...2011.06.30 20:05:00

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