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- for 'Abbadon Wrath' pls. ...2009.08.23 12:48:00
- Edited by: Galtakii on 18/08/2009 10:05:51 Latest: It's an fps that allows players to fight on and ...2009.08.18 10:08:00
- Also who the hell is actually salvaging with Golem? Alt in salvage rigged hurricane brings about t ...2009.08.14 11:01:00
- Don't **** up this new space with crappy sov mechanics and anchorable structures please.Doesn't soun ...2009.01.26 16:30:00
- you do realise that there will be a sudden influx of "new" players coming on the forums saying they ...2009.01.26 14:54:00
- Edited by: Hamoroid Hang**** on 26/01/2009 14:20:07 There will be two new probe types, exploration ...2009.01.26 14:21:00
- Will a system have multiple worm holes in and out. IE: I'm camping a worm hole thinking its the only ...2009.01.26 14:09:00
- Will cap ships (like freighters and jump freighters) be able to get into the worm hole. If so, will ...2009.01.26 13:49:00
- Holy crap Welcome back ...2008.11.25 20:35:00
- Gl dude, know how you feel, but Crazy is a capable guy and should do well enough. ...2008.11.24 21:40:00
- I still say CCP should use this guy's idea.This is better cause its cleaner, gives the impression of ...2008.11.10 23:23:00
- Edited by: maarud on 10/11/2008 14:14:44 This is the 3rd patch now where there has been NO love for ...2008.11.10 14:14:00
- New races...1st page too :D ...2008.11.03 17:50:00
- Wait, we have falcons in FRICK? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME!?!?! They were too busy watching you die ...2008.11.03 01:14:00
- Tbh, I dunno why everyone doesn't meet half way.Delay a person jumping into a system appearing in lo ...2008.10.30 17:30:00

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