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- +1 very good thread ...2011.09.01 08:28:00
- Better at this point then the nothing we have got since the begining of the year. Selective memor ...2011.08.27 11:19:00
- I approve of this ship! ...2011.04.26 09:30:00
- I would be more than happy to have an EVE Client that allow me of playing IN STATION. That would be ...2011.04.26 07:58:00
- wot you say bout my arazu boi?? ...2011.04.18 11:42:00
- inb4 Curse ...2011.04.18 07:20:00
- Serval? Yes please. cloaky BC? Yes please. Covert cyno on that bad boy? Yes please. ...2011.04.15 07:20:00
- Just Cloak up at about 50km off, and use look at command to dictate cool angles etc. I don't have a ...2011.03.30 09:15:00
- No, only ships that have covert cyno in their description - covert frigates, stealth bombers and for ...2011.03.30 08:35:00
- Personally I think it would be neat if they implemented an option to choose between the both of the ...2011.03.30 06:25:00
- Combat at the Alliance level seems to be moon driven. I don't see anyone invading anywhere just to g ...2011.03.28 10:05:00
- I thought Chribba was kinda cool till about now, when I learned the guy has 4 titans and 4 separate ...2011.03.21 14:18:00
- If you're looking to have fun with a great bunch of people while being extraordinarily evil, hit me ...2011.03.02 09:57:00
- To the top! ...2011.02.27 14:38:00
- Hello Leanna Sidhe!I'm Shang Fei from The Illuminatii Corporation. Our Corporation is made out of f ...2011.02.25 18:17:00

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