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- Edited by: Tecam Hund on 01/06/2011 21:55:07 Edited by: Nemesor on 01/06/2011 06:45:38 It is no m ...2011.06.01 21:55:00
- Join SF and kill (or die...) with a purpose. ...2011.05.27 04:48:00
- Join SF and you too can make a serious impact on the future of the alliance. ...2011.05.18 03:44:00
- We the readers of this thread attempting to unravel the various conflicting statements on display. ...2011.05.16 11:50:00
- Join the Fraction and place the tungsten armored boot of freedom on the tyrants' shriveled *message ...2011.05.16 02:05:00
- A liberal State Megacorp is still a Caldari State Megacorp, your sworn enemies if we are to hold you ...2011.05.16 01:38:00
- Star Fraction. Achieving strategic victory for... quite some time now. ...2011.05.12 01:42:00
- If I learned anything in life is that it's better to be that quiet guy in the corner than the loudmo ...2011.05.11 22:36:00
- Jericho Fraction isn't for everyone, but if you fit in it is THE corporation to be in. Superb commun ...2011.05.08 00:30:00
- Giving crimes against humanity a new meaning I see.Any potential participants in this action should ...2009.12.21 23:23:00
- While Star Fractions "allies" lost over 3 billion in one engagement. This is the heart of Star Fra ...2009.12.13 23:44:00
- I don't think there is anything in this thread that can be discussed. At best it is full of broad ge ...2009.12.08 13:16:00
- Good luck to CVA. I hope you manage to resolve this issue rather sooner than later.And once again, i ...2009.10.29 01:25:00
- Well..the way to disband the alliance is to kick everyone *else* out of it first... And since the ...2009.10.28 21:54:00
- Well, one way or another it sucks. Things like that should required a vote from every corp CEO in th ...2009.10.28 21:09:00

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