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- I try to make the contract by clicking the right button on the item, as i did before. The contract-w ...2011.04.07 07:44:00
- i suggest you to make the tool in corporation management that write the log in the system about the ...2011.02.03 10:40:00
- Why bother?We all know the logs show nothingdo you have any information of how to do this or even is ...2011.01.28 17:37:00
- I've heard about the corporate logs, for example if you are CEO or director you can view the log of ...2011.01.28 17:28:00
- After opening the EvE-client my inet disconnected... (worked with wi-fi network), but when i closed ...2010.10.21 10:51:00
- sorry, i understand.... i'll write you ingame... on this character? ...2010.06.14 05:48:00
- bid for 2 bil.. please write me a letter to [email protected] ...2010.06.13 18:48:00

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