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- hey amicus, i grew up in alameda, too many cops, had to shift my flea bit hippie ass to frisco. ...2004.06.11 07:21:00
- Scorpion - _--_- ...2004.04.03 00:06:00
- To decrease your chances of getting ganked, always keep local chat window open somewhere on your scr ...2004.03.31 17:17:00
- Reality is a matrix created to support the eve universe. ...2004.03.10 06:28:00
- You are welcome to explore the Fountain region by purchasing a pass before entry. Join the "fountai ...2004.03.10 06:26:00
- I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to fly my ship around and control it not by double clicking its ...2004.03.10 06:23:00
- I was with foundation for close to three months before i left in search of greener pastures which i ...2004.02.07 04:27:00
- My security status went down 1.5 points after the last patch, i filled out a petition but no one ans ...2004.01.28 12:45:00
- Dude, its ok to know all about Disney films. But i believe your fighting ability was being challeng ...2004.01.19 12:32:00
- Frisco hippie here. ...2004.01.19 09:21:00
- I need a fix for this problem, BM's are useless to me right now :(I would tru reinstalling eve using ...2004.01.19 09:19:00
- ...2004.01.19 04:06:00
- Watch out your folders wont be there and all your bookmarks will be in one long list if you complete ...2004.01.15 02:57:00
- LOLOLOLOLOL(my favorite one is the high security convict that goes to talk with his lawyer in prison ...2004.01.02 13:07:00
- Damage Inc. is not just in fountain anymore! We are proud to announce the opening of our training f ...2004.01.01 06:21:00

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