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- I have a new toon with lvl 4 command centre skills..cost me 11 mill to set up 2 planets in 0.5 empir ...2011.09.05 16:34:00
- Apart from raising this from the dros of CQ and the leaked emailAnything to balance the playing fiel ...2011.07.06 17:33:00
- I've done this mission, even in a passive HAM drake I had to jump out halfway through, and regen my ...2011.02.14 17:40:00
- Well, having just done my first incursion in High Sec, I'd say there completely imbalalanced..A reas ...2011.02.14 16:32:00
- 3 coments 1) To the OP: Its bloody obvious you're in an incursion system by the change in screen l ...2011.02.14 16:23:00
- So in a system with incursion u get rat spawns in a belt every 20 minutes or so, which net a few afk ...2011.02.13 14:04:00
- I sorta had the same experience ... Raised a petition, including a crash dump and DxDiag.. heard n ...2011.02.06 13:57:00
- I usually find at least 1 grav site a week, not mining a particualr grav site - coz it's full of cra ...2011.02.05 13:19:00
- In relation to the original point ..I have 3 BPC's completely unresearched.. one turns 10-20% profit ...2011.02.05 13:09:00
- How about "mission of mercy" then? objective free the med drone and provide access for repair crew - ...2011.01.31 07:53:00
- As I get an Invalid Instruction exception when I try and run it on my system, I thought I'd try my m ...2011.01.30 10:03:00
- I know this thread is principly about SSE2 but most of the posters who want people to stop whining h ...2011.01.23 11:12:00
- Can you all check the spec for your video cards - do they support shader 3.0 and above? This looks ...2011.01.22 23:32:00
- Having had 5 minutes to stop and investigate...The instruction failing is at 0x013d1cbc ... which is ...2011.01.22 20:16:00
- Client creator appears to start - can get baisc head up most of the time then get "invalid instructi ...2011.01.22 09:26:00

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