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- Someones cheerios are getting sufficiently defecated in, nice! ...2011.08.30 14:36:00
- I signed up for electronixs engineering at school, thinking it would be easy. Writing in machine cod ...2011.07.20 00:08:00
- You have to either need the minerals to actually use for your corp manufacturing in the WH for logis ...2011.07.15 16:16:00
- Im curious what everyone thinks Dust will do to pos fuel. CCP have said that Dust guys will disrupt ...2011.07.13 16:09:00
- Edited by: Electra GaafCramo on 04/07/2011 13:35:46 /me aggrees strongly with OP. Perpetuum is tryi ...2011.07.04 14:33:00
- Apparently you can now get a phd as easily as Obama got his nobel prize. God bless America.... ...2011.07.02 08:39:00
- Or will they disperse into other smaller player corps, as their membership gains SP and they talk mo ...2011.07.02 08:37:00
- I may actually resub the 2 accounts I cancelled. Clearly if CCP has gotten rid of attention seeking ...2011.07.01 12:58:00
- Just for the record guys, I wasn't saying perp was better than eve in this thread. I was commenting ...2011.07.01 12:55:00
- What a ounce of effort and honesty gets you. When your open with your playerbase, tell them whats g ...2011.07.01 05:39:00
- I couldnt get chribba or darknesss for 2 days even with an appointment with chribba, so we used wiro ...2011.06.26 17:01:00
- Confirming, after we settle up the details this auction is over. Stay tuned for final details and co ...2011.06.24 02:01:00
- bump ...2011.06.23 03:17:00
- Bid accepted, this ship will sell, a bit lower than I had hoped for though, come on more bids please ...2011.06.22 10:11:00
- Starting bid: 20 Bil. Buyout 22 Bil. Starts now, ends saturday at downtime. Buyer pays 3rd part ...2011.06.21 01:31:00

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