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- Soundwave needs to check the video game he used to play............ Just cause he plays LOL more the ...2011.06.24 01:13:00
- John for CEO!!!!! ...2011.06.23 12:48:00
- They must be smoking crack on the arum thing. I mean no one will pay that money. If they do there st ...2011.06.22 01:35:00
- Is it just me or does Incarna seem impratical atm. Even when they put in more stuff. I mean I can un ...2011.06.22 01:32:00
- I'm sorry but with the DUST stuff and RMT and Arum are you really trying to milk us like blizzard do ...2011.06.16 02:09:00
- I sorta thank you guys on not setting yourselves up with too high of systems reqs for this new stuff ...2011.06.14 14:37:00
- Yeah main concern is SOE will stick there dumb ass noses in my favorite game. If and if DUST turns t ...2011.06.07 02:47:00
- +rep lol surprised they actually look at this.............. ...2011.02.14 14:37:00
- Yes even though i like yours ...2011.01.21 21:19:00
- There taking a play from the Hi-Rez playbook for sure good job. ...2010.11.12 15:36:00
- Looking around for new place to play. Recon Specialist. Eve mail me if interested........ ...2010.09.14 16:56:00
- I support this 100%. As and eve player of almost 3 years now. And still playing despite my gripes of ...2010.06.29 17:40:00
- Seems alot like the quantum rise patch. Since its just a bunch of quick features to turn out. Just t ...2010.05.08 15:30:00
- Yay for Good Devs that Know the game they play!!!! ...2009.12.30 21:01:00
- So where is the Assault Frig Revamp. That was the **** and made them useful ...2009.11.29 05:46:00

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