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- I have been afk cloaked by a jerk named Milo in a wormhole system for 2 months, it Isn't fair! Eve i ...2010.10.13 20:06:00
- That Milo is a terrible person! We got more people in our wormhole and all that Milo did was get mor ...2010.10.08 20:27:00
- Yes our pos guns are full of ammo. They are in a full circle around the pos so those jerks cant just ...2010.10.01 16:31:00
- I am certain he is enjoying my carebear tears. Ok, I got myself a Brutix class battle cruiser. Hope ...2010.10.01 07:36:00
- So you think if I get a bigger ship he will go away? I'll try that, thank you for the advice. ...2010.10.01 04:43:00
- Ok so I was mining away in a site and this stealth bomber called Milo warps in on top of me and his ...2010.10.01 04:24:00
- I just ran into a lot of UI issues while creating this character. Most of the issues were on the cha ...2010.10.01 03:53:00

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