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- hahahaha, Little Ebay McCarriernoob.Let me explain POS mechanics.When you log off in a POS, your shi ...2011.08.09 13:09:00
- Remember seeing this one a while ago. Despite the overview, the teamspeak is hilarious and the fight ...2011.07.21 01:34:00
- I saved $200 in training time, that has to come from somewhere. Any guesses?You're an idiot?But he's ...2011.07.07 18:47:00
- The number of people supporting a network that has been down for the past month amuses me greatly.St ...2011.06.07 11:36:00
- I know that for Incursion CCP accidentally changed the way their packet ID's where being created. Th ...2011.06.05 05:59:00
- poor scruffy... he was such a good miner dog... ...2011.01.27 18:33:00
- Here, the people at Eve Uni posted a new PI guide and actually addressed the confusion in ECU cycles ...2011.01.24 19:07:00
- I thought the new UI was great except for one thing, The horizontal placement at the bottom. (lol wi ...2011.01.24 17:57:00
- I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of....waitwut? ...2011.01.22 20:03:00
- It is the face wish how? Hey Spank, can't you even form useful sentences any more?Let me Google tha ...2011.01.08 08:42:00
- Edited by: Aihwa on 29/12/2010 04:11:35 Linkageyour link is fine, but the OP's in that thread is no ...2010.12.29 04:53:00
- Capital ship maintenance bays are for storing assembled ships ONLY.The assembled ships can have dron ...2010.12.17 19:45:00
- ...aslong she can (salvage) just as good as the noctis i will not part with her...She can't. It's ki ...2010.12.01 08:05:00
- Do me a favor and answer these questions once at a time:1) u mad bro?2) y u mad bro?3) dont b mad br ...2010.11.23 06:22:00

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