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- Ok, I've never lived in NPC nullsec ( I go there sometimes at the moment, but only in a place where ...2011.09.06 15:14:00
- Personally, I think the CSM is doing an ok job. Sure, they're null sec alliance bigwigs, but they DO ...2011.09.06 13:46:00
- I would say, you gave them some valuable lessons in teamwork. ( you -> team, they -> work ).Maybe ne ...2011.09.06 13:27:00
- Welcome to the fun side of hauling in Eve Sigion.The above mentined advice ( except not going ) is a ...2011.09.06 13:21:00
- I agree on that, but that would be more of a discussion on intel gathering, not the smallholdings th ...2011.09.06 11:50:00
- I don't really see the point of this ship either. If you want a ship that has a 'fighting chance' ...2011.09.06 11:44:00
- Whoohoo! $4290 ...2011.09.06 11:39:00
- Yes. local and the 'howmany npcs killed' info etc. that is currently available should be removed, at ...2011.09.06 08:55:00
- Edited by: Claire Raynor on 05/09/2011 19:54:55 Xearal you've kinda confirmed what I expected, or w ...2011.09.06 07:17:00
- You don't need very many numbers in bombers to make a large impact on killboards, if you can bomb ...2011.09.06 07:07:00
- As a 'professional blockade runner', I can tell you that avoiding gatecamps and getting through some ...2011.09.05 17:45:00
- El Digin, first off I read your post, but I strongly disagree.The whole idea behind smallholdings is ...2011.09.05 12:29:00
- Ok, this isn't eve related, but I thought I'd post it in the market forum anyway, as it's to do with ...2011.09.04 11:04:00
- Edited by: Xearal on 04/09/2011 08:14:26 attempting a 2nd page snipe because someone else failed to ...2011.09.04 08:14:00
- *blush* Thanks :)I recommend checking out the sticky in this forum, there's a lot of very usefull li ...2011.09.02 11:57:00

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