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- 1 for me plz ...2011.08.17 17:42:00
- I Would agree with this op, CCP is not that ambitious ruthless company it was in 2004-2005. with it ...2011.04.10 00:32:00
- Looking for such a service, i looked around and cant remember where. search option is full of spam ...2011.03.30 20:23:00
- I played the demo, and i was quiet unimpressed by it. I played all the total war games, was hoping ...2011.03.16 11:32:00
- I have 5500 battles on that game, once you learn it, you wont whine so much about being dinged. Gol ...2011.03.16 11:29:00
- Its CUTE and all guys, really. But dream on. I ve seen people fall short of raising 1 million for ...2011.03.15 16:32:00
- Well ... when I looked at the WoT web site and watched some of the videos ... it pretty much looked ...2011.03.13 13:05:00
- game is still in beta, there are clan tournaments. for that competetive edge. company battles, clan ...2011.03.12 22:37:00
- thats eve though, LA ROUTINE...... ...2011.03.12 18:00:00
- Critics are like tyson beating up on midget. ...2011.03.12 17:26:00
- I always sort of left and came back to eve, but every time i took a longer and longer break, and pal ...2011.03.12 17:16:00
- Dissapointing :(. was looking forward to it. ...2011.03.12 17:12:00
- Looks like an awesome place for a samurai warrior to practice. ...2011.03.12 15:40:00
- Edited by: Roxanna Kell on 12/03/2011 15:33:14 How many people stopped palying eve as often as usua ...2011.03.12 15:32:00
- I watch half way for a while and nothing happening. its a waste of time. ...2011.02.05 15:55:00

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