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- I too will miss the old forums. While I was never a big poster as such I have always been lurking an ...2011.04.07 14:51:00
- Eventually Dust will be integrated into Eve. Think about the fact that Eve 2 will never be made and ...2011.03.26 22:32:00
- You really are annoying you know that Miilla ? Not enough attention at home or something ?So, I woul ...2011.03.26 18:53:00
- snipah.. and 9/10 from me, as you catched so many of them feeding it.. Only a 9 ? I think the OP des ...2010.10.05 15:10:00
- Actually what is written so far by the pvpers is nothing of value. Even pvpers cannot propose a solu ...2010.10.03 22:49:00
- Go ahead and remove local. But it still doesn't add risk to the AFK CLOAKER. Remove local and chan ...2010.10.03 17:52:00
- An original 03 box won't have any time codes in it, only the re-release box has them. ...2010.08.19 09:25:00
- Was it a GM or a STAR volunteer ? The STAR people do the new player meet and greets. ...2010.08.11 18:53:00
- So with all the other games out there What other games?SadianExactly this right here.I have tried o ...2010.08.06 02:37:00
- Arrogant, annoying and troll. Yup, you definitely were looking in the mirror when those thoughts cam ...2010.08.06 02:31:00
- Bleh, I am not gonna sit here an debate semantics with you. Fact is the OP asked for some advice and ...2010.08.06 02:06:00
- Oh god yeah this is really old and anyone who takes his reviews seriously needs their head examined. ...2010.08.06 01:36:00
- Edited by: Roosterton on 06/08/2010 01:14:53 19 posts, and RvB has been mentioned 4 times... OP, pa ...2010.08.06 01:30:00
- Edited by: Balsak on 05/08/2010 18:50:51 Thanks for all the replies and advice. Bored at work so th ...2010.08.05 18:50:00
- Tough question to answer since it's all about what you want to do and what is fun for you. You are r ...2010.08.05 18:21:00

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