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- bashing the activity such as missioning/mining/trading is wrong, all these have a part in eve just a ...2008.10.29 15:27:00
- Unlike some, I actually pay to play. I support no Ghost training! Those that are whining. Ask yourse ...2008.10.15 10:10:00
- Edited by: Lerand Gaunt on 15/10/2008 06:53:50 I got to admit, I am surprised.I hadn't yet seen thi ...2008.10.15 06:53:00
- Bye, bye. We are happy to see you leave. One less 10-year-old forum whiner... Iam glad that you b ...2008.10.14 14:02:00
- Either -2 accounts, or my demands are met (yes, we can play this both ways. Lets not forget: Custome ...2008.10.14 13:18:00
- I just love taste of EMO tears in the morning...I find it really funny when people moan about actual ...2008.10.14 13:01:00
- I do have a "better proposal" for this "problem": This is basically what I would love to see happen ...2008.02.26 12:13:00

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