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- Hi freighter pilot and missioner here . I may be interested . I didnt see a TZ most are on or regio ...2009.12.29 03:20:00
- Hmm I may be interested. I didn't see a public channel. I will look you up when online again. ...2009.11.29 18:57:00
- I may be interested. I have an Orca pilot and 2 hulk pilots . I plan stay in high sec. My corp is mo ...2009.11.29 03:30:00
- Bump-a-roosky ...2009.11.07 21:02:00
- Come on you mission runners in NPC corps. Our tax is lower then yours is gonna be. Sign up and have ...2009.11.03 15:15:00
- I joined a few weeks ago and can say this corp has a bunch of good players. They love to do missions ...2009.10.27 20:10:00
- Hmm based in Devoid you say.. I have been looking for a high sec indy corp in devoid as thats where ...2009.10.07 10:57:00
- Too bad my gal standings suck 8) ...2009.10.04 01:06:00
- Hmmm sounds like what I am looking for. Have 5.1 with amarr, 6.2 amatar ,4.1 with caldari. 3 accts a ...2009.09.25 23:30:00
- Hi Zeridox. I have a couple of questions.1.Which region are you located in? I assume its high sec.2. ...2009.09.21 22:12:00
- Bump still looking at options ...2009.09.01 17:32:00
- Hmm I am not reallt interested in one of the manager positions but am looking for a new home. I have ...2009.08.31 00:33:00
- Hello all. I have 2 accounts looking for an EMPIRE based INDUSTRIAL corporation. What I am looking f ...2009.08.30 18:56:00
- Bumparoo ...2009.08.08 20:42:00
- Hi your corp may be what I am looking for. I have 2 accts 1 hulk/orca pilot working to finish comman ...2009.08.08 16:40:00

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