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- Dunno if anybody remembers me...I stopped playing Eve awhile ago to go back to WoW.Anyway I have a l ...2008.10.24 11:02:00
- I once decided to take over the ship trade in a certain region and in doing so I upset the incumbent ...2008.09.08 15:47:00
- You can get involved in trading in non market items by simply setting up wtb contracts.I actually se ...2008.09.06 08:22:00
- Von Fitzheise already maintains a comprehensive list of scammers ...2008.09.06 08:14:00
- Welcome to Riethe : Mark (fill in your own number here) ...2008.09.03 09:48:00
- I don't really have a problem with what F900's doing.I have more of a problem with CCPs hypocrisy in ...2008.09.03 07:55:00
- I suspect that CCP is not acting because they do not consider against the EULA the in-game trading w ...2008.08.31 05:55:00
- 1. I scramble your fully fitted drake on the belt - cost is what... let's say 50-mil. 2. I tell you ...2008.08.30 17:38:00
- you really must think people in here are stupidyou can't do BULK cnr trading EXCEPT with isk farmers ...2008.08.30 17:30:00
- Your entire trading career to date has been based on trading with isk farmers.It's not really the wa ...2008.08.30 08:19:00
- hmm reminds me of the time i bought 4 caracals for 320m each.playing Eve after a couple of bottles o ...2008.08.29 15:41:00
- Much more interesting question is at what point did you lose serious interest in making more isk?For ...2008.08.23 23:16:00
- ops a total don't trash the market to grief people you do it to make oodles of iskies. ...2008.08.22 14:15:00
- If you need to ask you aren't ready to be a trader yet. ...2008.08.22 07:50:00
- Now everyone is reserving pending an audit and no-one is doing an audit. Awesome. I am offering to b ...2008.08.21 08:50:00

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