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- Any plex that is used for Aurum cannot be used to add game time and since that char will have to hav ...2011.08.11 13:38:00
- Do away with cynos totally. Let the ship jump to any sys within range and have it appear in a total ...2011.08.11 13:24:00
- Counter-proposal: drink bleach.this XD ...2011.08.08 09:32:00
- The Devs already said they would bring Station Spinning back in an upcoming patch, so just wait for ...2011.08.08 09:29:00
- still no joy.will get alittle more specific. this is happening on both my laptop and my desktop bo ...2011.07.29 14:40:00
- suppported this trgting things i was just lookin at is getting to me..... ...2011.07.28 17:06:00
- Sorry if I'm hijacking this thread, but the issues sounded very similar. I also get this on a tracer ...2011.07.27 17:21:00
- Edited by: eocsnesemaj on 26/07/2011 19:14:25 Hello,Ive got this problem where when i run eve after ...2011.07.26 19:14:00
- Me and a friend are planning to organize a trip to Jamaica soon. We would like to have a web page bu ...2011.07.18 13:14:00
- Welcome to eve..You are always warp scrambled unless you are not. ...2011.07.17 15:12:00
- +1never understood that ...2011.07.07 08:57:00
- Tip for hulk fitting....... Dont ...2011.06.30 12:10:00
- looks neat but whats this damage pattern thing and how do i show tank vs resistances? ...2011.06.30 11:19:00
- In before ˇˇsend to meˇˇ ...2011.06.30 07:55:00
- Implants, clothes , in fact anything on your "person" should be destroyed or at least chance dropped ...2011.06.29 13:26:00

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