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- Edited by: Morgan La''Chance on 26/01/2011 07:47:51 Edited by: Morgan La''Chance on 25/01/2011 20:2 ...2011.01.25 20:22:00
- Incursions will be just as abandoned and just as broken in a month or two, and they'll be on to the ...2011.01.25 19:53:00
- This character has portrait remake available, approx 770 000 SP with 19000 free to reallocate. 3 rem ...2011.01.25 18:45:00
- Absolutely nothing has changed with hyperions or rokhs or deimos or astarte or blasters so I'm not s ...2009.12.01 20:10:00
- You're all morons. Enjoy the awsome trailer and shut the **** up.Fall in line. No dissent will be to ...2009.11.27 07:58:00
- Cyno in motherships on gates every day.Also "capital warfare rarely occurs at short range".*PR/art d ...2009.11.27 07:31:00
- Destroyers III is basically no time investment, and the money you use for the ship is quickly made b ...2009.11.20 02:30:00
- Do you realize that you are making the best carrier into the worst carrier by doing this? ...2009.11.18 02:37:00
- Supported, but only viewports that give you an actual view of what's outside of the station - no dat ...2009.11.16 06:46:00
- Speed and explosive damage. Hobgoblins have thermal damage (which is widely tanked against) and hig ...2009.11.16 06:41:00
- They still drop lasers and plates though, which is pretty funny. 6 highs; 4 turrets, 2 launchers 6 ...2009.11.16 06:30:00
- Since last year, Caldari ships are almost always more agile than other ships. Look at Harpies versus ...2009.11.16 06:21:00
- Warp Scrambler and Web on a solo lowsec Chimera?This will end well. ...2009.11.15 13:00:00
- It lets them get used to constant corp/alliance mail spam early on, I'm all for it. ...2009.11.15 12:51:00
- Don't worry, you have to run a very, very, very large amount of missions for a single faction with n ...2009.10.17 18:22:00

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